Your cake may well be one of the most delectable aspects of planning your wedding. After all, once you get into the dress and pledge your life to the person of your dreams, the next step is to eat, drink and be merry, which means your Arizona wedding cake has to be nothing short of spectacular.

Unless, of course, you don’t like cake. In this instance, you may feel as though your options for dessert are quite limited and you may even cave in and have a cake just for the sake of others at the wedding reception.

There is nothing wrong with this strategy. After all, your wedding and subsequent reception is not just for you; it is also for those around you that love you and want to celebrate your union.

However, there are still a few alternatives if you don’t want an Arizona wedding cake. Options include:

  • Wedding cookies: That’s right, delicious gourmet cookies, perhaps in the shape of your initials or perhaps in the shape of wedding trinkets. This sweet treat is easy for guests to munch on while they enjoy the festivities of the reception and is a good alternative to an Arizona wedding cake.
  • Pie: Perhaps you enjoy pie more than you do cake, and since it is your day, it is perfectly acceptable to serve pie at your reception. Just make sure the slices are small and pre-sliced ahead of the reception, so that you don’t have to have someone standing there to slice the pie.
  • Dessert bars: When you are feeding a lot of people, convenience is key. Dessert bars are a specialty of many caterers and a solid alternative to an Arizona wedding cake. They come in an array of flavors, which means you can appeal to various taste buds with a selection of bars.

Remember, this is your special days, which means that you shouldn’t incorporate elements that you don’t enjoy. For example, if Arizona wedding cake is not a favorite of yours, then choose another dessert that is.

Chances are, you and your guests will enjoy whatever you serve and you will be happy with your choice of treat.