In the world of constant changes, wedding planners will have to consider some factors that will determine the acceptability and efficacy of marriages in 2017.

Things are perpetually changing and evolving. If you want to keep up with the Kardashians on the aspect of a fascinating wedding next year, there are some evolving “to do” and “not to do” things you need to be aware of.

Many wedding experts have observed that some particular wedding trends are becoming predominant and they concluded that weddings next year would be distinct from what we have seen in the last couple of years.

The wedding venue decoration, color combination, choices of clothing, technology integration and a host of other innovations will be on the rise next year.

Below are the expected trends in the weddings world next year.

A Color Comeback

Color will make a comeback; there will be color combination versus all-white weddings. We will witness more props and less floral as well as the presence of more lighting patterns and hanging centerpieces in unprecedented quantity.

Elaborate Entrances

Wedding experts have observed the rise in elaborate entrances and are predicting that this trend will continue into 2017. Wedding venues are being decorated to incorporate over-the-top décor as guest make their way into the event hall as well as introducing unique entertainment to grab guests’ attention as they arrive the wedding venue.

Faraway Destinations

One of the status quo to be challenged in 2017 is the distance of location where couples intend to tie the knot. Even though tropical paradises like Jamaica, Bahamas, Costa Rica and Mexico remain atop the list of hot spots to get wedded, emerging trend shows that Canada, Iceland, and Italy are becoming perfect destinations for couples looking to go off the trailed path.

Planning virtually

The growth in knowledge, especially science and technology will continue to shape our world. We are faced with the modern reality of “virtual world.” As a result of this, couples have adopted technology in their bid to have a perfect event. From putting together wedding plan to monitoring its execution, everything is now done online via their mobile phones, payment gateways, laptops, etc. The modern world is all about instant gratification, so couples want their event monitoring right at their fingertips at any given time. There's going to be a continued increase in online wedding planning process in 2017.