Most little girls dream of getting married and picture in their head just how they want there wedding to be. They will know what kind of flowers they want, where they want there wedding to take place, and what the colors are going to be. Ok, maybe not all the little details, but they have an idea. However, as years pass so do the hemes of weddings and the trending decor of a wedding. Brides do want to make their day special by making their wedding unique to them. There are however, some new wedding trends right no in 2017 that brides can't get enough of, and although it may be the trend that a lot of brides are choosing, they are still putting their twist on it, to make it special for them.

1. The latest trend is to choose a wedding venue that offers that vintage, warehouse, rustic look. When talking about a warehouse or rust, you definitely do not picture them or even think about them being part of a wedding. But, when you add lights, and other vintage and shabby chic decor throughout your wedding venue, it makes for a very elegant looking wedding. 

2. Adding a signature cocktail to your happy hour drink list, is something that your guest will not forget. This also goes for the dinner at your reception. Everyone is use to the plain steak, chicken, or fish. But, the latest trend is to have a signature dish that will leave your guests wondering where you got the recipe from and talking about for awhile. With a signature dish, the trend and goal is to create a dish that is appetizing for those that are really into eating healthy and/or are a vegetarian. Attending a wedding that offers this sort of dish is becoming more popular. 

3. Believe it or not the traditional wedding cake is making a come back, so this new trend is actually an old one. The original wedding cake with no topper or a simple, but elegant topper adds to that vintage and shabby chic decor you might be going for. It is not overly done, but makes a big statement.