If you want a beach wedding, but you live in Arizona, you've come to the right place. Beach weddings are kind of our thing here at Val Vista Lakes.

You don’t have to get to California or Mexico for a beach wedding theme. You can always bring the beach to yourself, right here in Gilbert, Arizona. All you need are color schemes, music, flowers and decorations.

Flowers and Photography

The flowers are used to beach-themed weddings are usually large, bright and sunny, like daisies, carnations, roses, and lilies.

Most brides planning a wedding-themed beach choose flowers in vibrant tones of pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, white or purple, but you can also opt for subtle tones.

In fact, instead of using flowers, why not use shellfish? There is nothing that says "beach wedding" use the likes of a bunch of tan and white seashells, shells or thematic centers.

When you think of the beach, often you tend to think of sand, and this can be used in your flowers and photography.

Nothing takes the drama and special feeling of a beach-themed wedding quite like the photos taken in black and white or sepia. This is not only reminiscent of the sand on the beach but also brings some impressive, beautiful images!

 Beach theme favors and decorations

You cannot have a wedding on the beach without shells, starfish, sand or candles.

A good idea for beach wedding decorations fills a round glass vase or small bowl around a room full of sand, placing a votive candle in the sand, and strategically placing seashells and stars around the candle.

This not only allows for a beautiful, decorative but could also be used as a beach wedding favor centerpiece.

There are numerous ideas to choose from when planning your wedding on the beach. All it takes is a little time, effort and creativity, and before you know, it will swim in the marriage ideas on the beach.

If you are shopping online for different ideas, you can plan the beach wedding of your dreams - oh, and one more thing. Do not forget to play the Beach Boys!