How to Decide on an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Reception

If you are the type that likes expressing yourself, then you won’t accept anything less than a perfectly personalized wedding reception on your wedding day. One thing both the groom and bride tend to put more focus on are their custom-fitted wedding gowns and suit, forgetting that their reception should also be custom-suited too. Choosing between an indoor and outdoor venue is one of the most significant decisions a couple has to make. Different venues can fit everyone budget, regardless of your style, budget or the size of your guest list. Regardless, it is advisable that you choose a venue that is functional and expresses your personality. If you are still unsure of which to choose when considering the options below, it is a great way to start in your search for the perfect reception site.

•    The Weather

When looking for the ideal venue for your wedding, one thing you should consider is the timing. If you are having your wedding in Arizona during the summer, then you will need to think about the heat when you choose an outdoor reception. While taking your reception indoor during the cold months is also a safe bet; so, make your decision depending on the time of the year and don’t make decisions you will regret later on.

•    Budget

Arizona summer heat is so hot that you will likely move your outdoor wedding reception indoor when the weather turns nasty. This will not only ruin your plans but also increase your expenses. So, if you're thinking of an outside venue, then have a plan ‘B’ just in case it rains. However, note that this will come with an additional expenditure, so it advisable that you go for an indoor venue if your budget does not allow you to have an alternative.

•    Theme

The first thing you need to be sure of before you even start looking for a reception site is your wedding theme. Sit your fiancé down and discuss them with them, and don’t also forget to express it through décor.

•    Style

Are you looking for two distinct spaces or a single location to hold both the ceremony and reception? Whatever you decide on, remember that this will determine to dictate the mood of the entire day.

5 Super-Fun Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer season is no doubt one of the best season of the year when people decide to tie the knot. There are many reasons for this, and some of them include the warm weather, the bold-bright colors and sunny skies of the summer.

As a bride, you will probably think of how you can make your wedding day stand out of the ones your weddings guests may be attending. This is why we have come up with a list of summer wedding ideas that will make your wedding the standout of the season:

•    Bunting

If you having a vintage wedding, then its only right that you include bunting. The best part is that there are many ideas you can choose to include bunting during your wedding ceremony.

•    Outdoor Games

If you are having a wedding ceremony plan for this summer in Arizona, then it I only right that you have some outdoor activities for your guests to enjoy. This is even better if your guest will be spending quite some time under the sun.

•    Afternoon Tea

Serving afternoon tea before or after main course is a cute way to feed your guests and help them cool off. Also note that serving hot tea is not a good idea, as your guests may not really like the idea of eating hot meal if the sun is blazing.

•    Pretty Parasols

When the sun begins to get hotter, your guest will inevitably need to shade themselves, and a great idea is getting your hands on some stylish parasols. Not only are they pretty and cute but they are also practical.

•    Festival Theme

Festival wedding themes are becoming popup, and the best part is that they can be implemented in a variety of ways. You could have a live band play on a stage or have the reception in a green field where there will be many hay bales.

•    Ice Lollies

An ice lolly is the real definition of summer. The best thing about them is they are cheap and you can even make them yourself. There are also many options you can bring in, from mixing up the flavors and colors to match with your wedding theme.

•    Pimp Your Prosecco

Prosecco is said to be girl’s best friend. Have a docking station where your guest can get a glass of Prosecco fruits, edible props and flavorings is a great idea.

Top 5 Places to Honeymoon In Arizona

Arizona offers one of the best honeymoon options for those who are looking for a small romantic inn or a full-service resort. Many fun activities comes with these offers for newly wedded couples like hiking, mountain biking, hot air ballooning, spas, golf, and horseback riding. Popular Arizona honeymoon destination to visit includes:

1.    Enchantment Resort

According to their psychology, “In many ways, it’s beyond description.” When you visit Enchantment, you will enjoy natural beauty to meet five-star service. You will start feeling the enchantment echoing through the mountains just as you approach the hotel. There is a trail surrounding canyon where you can take your partner to hike. You can also go on a helicopter, or hot-air balloon tour if you want to look down from up above.

2.    The Royal Palms

 The royal palms do offer not only excellent hospitality to new couples but also a wide variety of activities like hiking, golf, and relaxing at the resort's beautiful spa. The hotel also has a beautiful pool where you can enjoy private cabanas, chaise lounges, and dining tables.

3.    Briar Patch Inn

The Briar Patch Inn in Sedona is another excellent honeymoon spot for newly wedded couples looking for unique romantic getaways in Arizona. The hotel offers 19 guest cabins that are furnished in Southwestern style with Native American touches set on nine lush acres. Relax next to your fireplace and on the patio, start your day with a massage in the privacy of your guest cottage or the creek side gazebo.

4.    Boulders Resort & Spa, Curio Collection by Hilton

Boulders Resort & Spa is a high-end luxury resort located in the foothills of the Sonoran Desert north of Scottsdale. The rooms here are fancy, and they all have fireplaces, fridges, lavish stone showers, Wi-Fi, and many more things that should be in an ultra-modern room. If you feel like exercising the surrounding desert offers plenty of opportunities for this.

5.    Sunglow Ranch - 3 hours 10 minutes

If you want a honeymoon getaway that is full of adventure, fun, and the great outdoors sessions with your partner, the Sunglow Ranch has everything that you could ever want. There is to hike, pool to chill out if the weather is too hot.

Most romantic places to propose marriage in Arizona

Arizona is not only known for its hot weather, or for the fact that it's situated in a desert, but it also has a unique charm to it, and the sunsets are out of this world. If you have been looking for the right place to propose to the love of your life, where both nature and culture combine seamlessly, then Arizona might be the place for you.

For those who stay in the area where it's cold, you can move down here as the weather is beautiful almost year round. Now the question is, do you want a quiet where you can propose intimately, or are you the type who wants to make a grand gesture? Here are some of the best places to propose in Arizona:

1.    Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is a perfect option for those who want their proposal to be romantic and intimate. Taking a hot air balance allows you to see the valley from the top while holding hands with your partner. To make it even more romantic, you can opt for a private ride with your partner for sunrise or sunset. Once you are up in the air, pull out the ring and ask her to be your wife.

2.    Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort

Visiting the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort is another perfect way to propose to your soulmate while in Arizona. The scenery is breathtaking, and they also have a spa where you can chill out with your partner to be. 

3.    Wrigley Mansion

This is one of the most historic buildings in Arizona, and it has been a favorite spot for people to propose and get married. The house is designed mostly in the Spanish Colonial style, and the grounds matched up with the furnishings.

4.    Desert Botanical Gardens

This place can get hot and the best time to visit is early summers. With over 50,000 desert plants to look at, this makes it an excellent proposal opportunity. So, if you or your other half loves how humans interact with nature, t then this is the best place for you to propose.

5.    Ponderosa Stables

Ponderosa Stables is located at the base of South Mountain, and they have a philosophy of “everyone can ride.” What this means is that you can pay to rent a horse, and you can have the opportunity of getting engaged on a pleasant horseback ride. Note that if you want an intimate proposal, this might not be the right option for you, as the trips here have a 2-person minimum, and since the horse will be riding side by side, you can’t hope for much privacy. But note that you sign up for one of the tours where you will have that privacy and slip away together

Protecting An Outdoor Wedding Cake From The Heat

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in Arizona and you are worried about your cake melting, then read on. Many brides ask questions about how they can protect their cake from the hot sun and elements like dirt, bugs, and leaves during the hot weather without it looking tacky. One thing you don’t want is covering your cake entirely because of the weather after you might have spent money on your gorgeous cake. Read on to see some of the tips to protect wedding cake outdoors without covering its loveliness.

1.    Place under a Pavilion or Tent

Placing your cake under a tent or pavilion will help keep it away from the hot sun and clear of the elements. Also, make sure it’s always in the shade, and you can add citronella candles in luminary bags around the pathway or near your tent entrance to deter most of the pests.

2.    Make use edible wafer paper

Using icing for flowers is not a good idea for hot weather; instead, make use of edible wafer paper to make my flowers. It has the look and feel of paper, but it is light and airy, and the best part is they will not melt or wilt as sugar flowers will do during the heat. You can also make use of flowers if you have the long drying times for the flowers to be ready, as they are also lighter than sugar and have a significant advantage.

3.    Ask your baker to use faux tiers for your wedding cake

A cake that carries weight tend to melt faster, and this can lead to disaster. However, making use of faux tiers, on the other hand, will help accelerate the cutting of your cake and also improve your cake stay in place. You won't have to dissemble any outside cake as only the faux tiers removed for a straight bottom tier cut.

4.    Put a Lid on It

Another great option is to place your cake under a cake dome, especially if your cake is a small one-tier cake.  Place on cake stands and place a dome on top of each one if you have multiple one-tier cakes.

5.    Plan ahead

Planning is very important, so the great idea is to keep your cake on dry ice and avoid placing your cake outdoors until its closer to the reception time. Also, bring the rest of the cake indoors once the pieces are cut and served and be sure to avoid a filling that won’t spoil easily.

Five Tips for a Summer Outdoor Wedding in Arizona

It’s a no brainer that pulling off a summer wedding in Arizona can seem impossible, especially when the temperature is between 110s and even 120s. However, if your wedding is scheduled between May – September you don’t have to be afraid. This is why we have come up with a list of tips on how to rock your Arizona summer wedding and make it an unforgettable moment.

1.    Avoid strenuous activity

You need to plan everything and avoid trying to do everything the day of the wedding. Do things like setting up the table and tent the night before or early morning of the wedding day. Make use of plastic chairs, as metal chairs can get hot and sear any flesh they come into contact within minutes in the hot weather.

2.    Keep it cool 

Remember the wedding ceremony is not only about you and your soul mate; make sure you keep your guest in mind. Your guest will likely be sitting for as long as 45 minutes throughout the ceremony. So, it is advisable that you keep your guest cool by providing them with refreshment, paper fans to create some breeze, personalized sunglasses, parasols to block the shade, etc.

3.    Keep your makeup in mind

Your wedding makeup will probably cost you some bucks, so you want to make sure that your makeup withstands the heat, tears & hugs. This is why it is advisable that you hire a makeup artist that knows the right technique for your type of weather.

4.    Choose the right kind of cake

A melting cake is yet another common mistake made by Arizona summer weddings. There are a lot of stories about beautiful buttercream cakes melting into mush. You sure don’t want this to happen to you. So, choose a type of cake frostings that will hold up well in the heat.

5.    Select an Indoor Wedding Venue

If, possibly choose an indoor venue to host your entire wedding. Choosing an indoor venue for your wedding ceremony and reception means the heat won't even phase you. The only time you might want to step out is during cocktail hour to get those prime Arizona sunset shots.

With the listed above expert tips, you'll be able to pull off the perfect Arizona summer wedding. But, the main thing is to be prepared, sensitive to your guests and be wise about your plans when you have planned your wedding in Arizona's hot weather.

5 Expert Tips for Planning the Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring season is no doubt the best period to tie the knot, apart from the fact that it is one of the most romantic seasons of the year it also comes with a lot of great wedding ideas the bride would love. Many people call this period the season of nature. Spring is that time of the year where grass starts to grow again, and flowers begin to boom. It's a beautiful new beginning for any couple and the best time to say 'I do' to the person you love.

Just as we stated earlier on, there are many options for brides who plan to tie the knot during the spring to choose from, but the question is where do you begin? We have got you covered! We have listed below some few expert tips to get you started, read on:

1.    Your wedding venue

You need to consider if you will have an indoor or outside wedding, but whoever way, it is advisable you have a garden venue as your reception venue. However, you also have to make things quick, because it might not be comfortable for your guest to stay for hours in the garden due to the breeze.

2.    Your wedding colors

When deciding on colors, it is advisable that you opt in for colors that will complement spring colors. Some of the common one chosen by brides over the years are mint green, pink or peach. One color that is no doubt the best color you can pick is bright yellow as your primary wedding color and use one color or use two complementing colors to make things look vibrant.

3.    Think layers

Spring is well known for its warm, sunny days and cooler nights, so make sure you include a warmer accessory or two in your bridal getup when planning. One pretty fashion trends you can try out is wedding gowns with sleeves.

4.    Your wedding flowers

With so many beautiful flowers in bloom, use fresh flowers as decoration in your church and reception. Flowers during this season and the cool breeze can prolong the life of freshly-picked flowers so try to stay away from satin flowers because of the freshness and the quality of fresh.

5.    Embrace the season

This is the best time of year to do seasonal food, seasonal flowers, and even seasonal favors. Everything is fresh and lovely, and it will certainly be a better fit for your budget sow hat are you waiting for?

Even with these tips in hand, planning a wedding can be a stressful venture. Don't let it get to you. Remember that above all else, this is your time. So enjoy!

5 Reasons You Should Choose a Spring Wedding

The spring sunshine and warmer temperatures are welcomed after a long winter and having a wedding during this period will always be popular. The landscape begins to transform along with the gardens new color and fragrance. Over the years now, spring season as being the most popular season in which to have a wedding. Although other seasons have raised the bar well, but its small changes brought by the spring season that makes it perfect for a wedding. So, read on for the top five reasons why you should consider having a Spring wedding.

1.    The Weather

Well, the number most apparent reasons why you should have your wedding during the spring is the weather. Well, this might be obvious, but we will, still be pointing out some reasons why the weather in spring is stunning.  One you won't have to worry about a freak heat wave making everyone sweat out. The weather has a blend of sunny weather and cool breezes, ensuring that your wedding is comfortable for everyone attending.

2.    You Can Host It Outside

Spring has that nice weather that makes it a perfect time to host an outdoor wedding. There is beautifula landscape with blooming flowers giving that kind of new life feelings. Besides, an outdoor wedding always promises to serve up some absolutely gorgeous wedding photos and also help save some bucks that could have been spend on renting a hall.

3.    Spectacular Hues

Spring is that time of the year where many plants and flowers starts to bloom and this will give your wedding photos a new life feel and also a perfect way to coordinate your décor with the natural scenery.

4.    More Flexible Scheduling

According to couples who have had their weddings during this period they claim they had greater flexibility for them to plan out the schedule. Also, many people do not consider spring as a peak wedding season, this has made many venues to reduce their rates giving couples who plan their wedding during this season more flexibility.

5.    In-season Flowers

Flowers are no doubt an essential part of every wedding and it has the ability to transform the whole venue and also wow the attending guest, and even bring new life to your wedding pictures. During th spring seasons, couples have a lot of options in front of them from sweet peas, peonies to Dahlias and other varieties that will transform your big day.

What Do I Wear to a Winter Wedding as a Guest?

A winter wedding is fun and memorable for couples, but it's not for many wedding guest – apart from the stress of transporting to the venue, what does one wear to a winter wedding many guests will ask themselves?

It's not easy to easily choose out the best wedding-guest dress like the ones you wear for all those summer weddings. Well, you don’t have to panic, we have compiled some tips or fail-safe rules for dressing for winter weddings. You don’t have to go all out buying a whole new outfit, all you have to do is to keep reading for these tips.

•    Read the Dress Code

There are situations where couple place more focus on how good and perfect their invitations look like but ignore how ridiculous their designated dress code is. So, its left for the guest to strain their eyes trying to read between the lines. However, if the invitation prescribes black tie all you have to do is to dress up in a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, and black high-shine shoes. On the other hand, if the invitation prescribes a ‘Black tie optional’ then you can go less formal with a plain black necktie is just like the tuxedo and you don’t have to go casual here.

•    Pick Your Fabrics Wisely

Well, you know how cold winter is, and you know how important to choose your fabric carefully, but we would still like to put more focus on the fact that you shouldn’t be wearing a cotton or linen suit in winter. Fabrics like tweed, flannel, wool, cashmere or anything that feels hyper British is very much recommended. For you to fully stay insulated choose a heavy cloth weight between 14oz and 19oz and don’t do the mistake of going half-lined either but choose a full lining as it offer a better suit structure and also help you keep goosebumps at bay.

•    Consider The Location

Whatever fabric or dress type you might be choosing, note that the wedding venue is a key. If the wedding venue is in the city choose textural fabrics like tweed and wool as they lend themselves to deep charcoal or pinstripes, checks and a colour palette of navy, black and red.

How Do You Get Everyone To The Wedding On Time?

Before the couple can tie the knot, everyone, including the couple and guests must arrive at the location. But, how do you get people to the venue, especially during the winter period? Unless you all plan to trek down to the location, then its time to work out some wedding transportation tips.

1.    Determine your needs

The first thing you need to do is to map out your needs as a couple before you start making transportation plan. Everything you are planning should be around the ceremony, and once you set the ceremony, you can then arrange the rest of the day around that time. Do your research on how long it will take to travel from the ceremony to the reception area and budget enough time before the entertainment, putting in mind the traffic, photos and other things that might take time. You can then figure out exactly which types of transportation you will need once you have set the timing because you do not want anyone including you to feel rushed.

2.    Book personal transportation first

When planning on how to move your guest makes sure you make your transportation your top priority. This should be done, very early, like five and seven months in advance of the wedding since your wedding will be around the holiday season. Also, remember that unless the bride-to-be plans to be seen by her groom, you will need separate transportation to the venue.

3.    Explore your personality

Your wedding day is a great day, and you have to make it one by utilising the many options you have around you.  You can opt for a VW bus or a retro roadster if a limousine doesn’t add the spark of creativity that you desire. You should not feel penned in by tradition especially when you have other things that will make you happy in mind, and your budget allows it.

4.    Have your getaway car ready

Since you will be arriving to arrive at the wedding and reception in style, then you should also make you're going home great as well. You need to plan and arrange for a ride home with friends or family or take your vehicles or cabs home afterwards.

5.    Consider others’ needs

Just as we stated earlier on, you need to keep your guest in mind. So, have taxi or ridesharing services available for those who may not be able to drive after the party due to the weather or other reasons. The fact that you can arrange for transportation as a courtesy to others doesn't mean you need to make arrangements for everyone.