6 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

Considering your guest or let's say people that will be attending your wedding ceremony is just as important as your dress, cake or perfect venue when it comes to planning. You will want to make sure that your guest feels like they attended the best wedding yet. Below are some of the great things your guests want from a wedding.

1. Direction

Well, your guest might not tell you this directly, but most of them will want you to tell them what to do. No one wants to stand around the corner wondering where next to turn. Whatever plan you have been it a sign pointing to where they should be or a seating chart for them to hang their jackets, this will assure them that you have them in mind when preparing.

2. Help With Transportation

If you will be having your wedding out of town or your wedding reception will be located at different venues or your guest are staying in one particular hotel, then it will be advisable that you rent a shuttle or bus for your wedding guest. This will take out any transportation problem and will also make your guest get lose with the champagne.

3. Passed drinks at cocktail hour

Your guest don’t want to wait in line to get a drink – so getting servers to serve your guest water, wine, beer and signature cocktails when needed is very important. This means there won't be logline an at the start of your reception and your guest will also enjoy drink service without having to take constant trip to the bar.

4. A variety of food.

When preparing for your wedding menu, make sure you make varieties options because not everyone would like to eat meat or stomach tofu. Your guest will never forget that they were hungry at your wedding or you provided food options that were not appealing to them. When you plan your menu, cover all food options like chicken, fish, steak, and at least one vegetarian item.

5. The Right Music Mix

You might be a fan of rap music, but your grandmas won't be a fan. SO, for you to get everyone dancing both young and old, you might want to stock your playlist with timeless beats. You should also pick tunes that span the generations and appeal to every taste because the music is what will ultimately create that party atmosphere.

6. Surprise your guests

SWD reader Karen once said, “we had a tribal pipe band burst into the room before our meal began.” “It charged up the room and meant that everyone was talking and laughing by the time dinner was served.” This means you need to go more lent to indeed wow your guest.

5 Top Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Winter Wedding Venue

If you ask couples that decide to hold their wedding during the winter season the reason behind their decision, some will tell you because summer weddings is a bit pricey. But there is more to it…

Winter is the season that lends itself to some unbelievable ideas and details that completes a wedding – the winter white photos hoot to warm wedding dress – winter sure has more to it's sleeves.

Winter weddings can have just as beautiful decor as any summer event (when you choose the right venue). Check out our tips for finding the perfect winter wedding venue below:

1. Ask Venue How They Handle Winter Weather

Garden wedding is very common during the summer season, but couples who plan to hold their wedding during the winter period can enjoy a gorgeous indoor wedding. However, different venues have different options for the winter season, so you should ask how they handle winter weddings. Here at Val Vista Lakes, the winter weather only beautifies the scene!

2. Protect Guests from Winter Chill

One thing you will want to make sure of is if your guest is protected from the winter chill. You can choose a warm area at the venue as your receiving line. The reason is that you don’t leave your guest to stand in the cold when the line starts to bottleneck because you’ll want to greet your guests inside the venue.

3. Find Out When Sun Sets

Call to ask the venue when the sun sets for their location especially if you are planning a destination wedding in another state. For example, the sun sets around 5:00 pm in Michigan during the winter. So you should also remember that it gets darker sooner during the winter months if you wish to plan a ceremony and reception around sunset.

4. Ask about Decorations

If you are having a problem with flowers decoration for your wedding, don’t worry. Reach out to the venue and ask if they have any Christmas decoration – if they do, you don’t have to worry about organizing every last detail yourself. Here at Val Vista Lakes, Holiday Mountain is one of the most festive place to take winter photos.

5. Ask about Winter Rates

So, ask the venue you are about to choose if their winter rates are different from the one of their peak season. However, keep in mind that some of the best wedding venues may not offer special winter rates because they are in high demand year-round.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Gown

Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Gown

Apart from your wedding cake, your wedding gown is probably the main attraction of a wedding. Family members, guests and even your husband to be are looking forward to seeing how you will look like in your gown. This is the reason why you need to shop for the right wedding gown because wedding dresses are essential. So, if you are planning to start shopping for your gown, you must know the design, fabrics that you want. This is why we have listed below some few tips to follow when choosing the best wedding gowns for your special day.

Wedding Cakes - How To Order The Perfect Cake

Wedding Cakes - How To Order The Perfect Cake

It’s a no-brainer that one of the fun and exciting part of planning your wedding is choosing your wedding cakes. The great opportunity of tasting and sampling slices of different delicious cakes before you finally decided on who to bake it for you. However, before you get carried away tasting the delicious cakes take some time to imagine what you would like the wedding cake of your dreams to look like.

Benefits Of Hiring A Wedding Planner

Benefits Of Hiring A Wedding Planner

Every woman has dreamed about how perfect their wedding day would be; they want this day to be perfect and beautiful just like they’ve imagined of. But, when they finally find the right man, and they’ve chosen a date, one thing tends to ruin the dream they once had – stress and planning. This is why a wedding event planner service over the years has been sought after by many couples.

A Complete Wedding Day Timeline

A Complete Wedding Day Timeline

You finally got engaged right? Congrats! So what next, when should you set the wedding date for? Also, what are the things you need to do before the big day and even on your big day?

This means you need to create a wedding timeline as early as possible, because the average time it takes to plan a wedding is about eight to sixteen months, this gives the bride and groom plenty of time to sort out all of the necessary details.

Have the Perfect Wedding Flower Arrangements For Your Wedding

Have the Perfect Wedding Flower Arrangements For Your Wedding

Choosing the right and perfect flowers for your wedding is very important, but how the wedding flowers are arranged is even more important. A jagged arrangement can make your expensive flowers looks messy and a proper arrangement when done right can make your inexpensive flowers look beautiful. From your bridesmaids' bouquets, flower girls' baskets, Bride's wedding flower bouquet, toss away bouquet, maid of honor's bouquet, centerpieces to corsages should all have unique arrangements. However, you need to keep a few details in mind, and some of them include:

Fall Wedding Cakes To Remember

Fall Wedding Cakes To Remember

Is there a way to make your fall wedding venue even better? Sure, with a wedding cake. Getting ideas and tips for gorgeous fall wedding cakes is very important.

The design of your wedding cake should complement the overall style of your wedding. As you already know your wedding cake is one of the showpieces of your fall wedding venue and this is why you need to make sure that it makes a statement. Your wedding cake should tie into the theme and overall style of the rest of your wedding venue.

Fall Wedding Tips

Fall Wedding Tips

Getting married during the autumn or fall season is one of the most popular times of the year. The reason is not far-fetched; it tends to be cooler and more comfortable during this period. The summer heat is over, and many times it's easy to get family together for one weekend.

When it comes to the trends of this years fall wedding scene, there are some surprising ones. If you are planning to tie the knot with your loved one during this fall take a look at five of the major wedding trends this fall:

Even More Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning Tips!

Even More Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning Tips!

One of the most important days of your life will no doubt be your marriage, and while you are planning to have the marriage of your dreams you won't forget, it is also important that you make sure you do not have a wedding that starts your marriage out with a large amount of debt.