Top Winter Wedding Decorations of 2019/2020

Every season is different, and popular wedding decorations go in and out of style. This year, there are some prominent forerunners in the decoration game that are expected to be more trendsetting than the rest. Below are some of the most popular uses of decorations this winter wedding season:

·      Blackboards: Many people this winter are loving the idea of using blackboards to either make their seating chart, greet the guests, provide a food/drink menu, or more. There are many ways to make a blackboard cute, and that is exactly what people are doing!

·      Decorating Ceilings or Walls: Another big trend this winter is, if you are having an indoor wedding, hanging decorations from the ceiling or pinning them onto the walls. This can include anything from vines, flowers, lanterns, berries, branches, photos, and much more. Be creative with it!

·      Foliage and Flowers/Berries Galore: As can also be seen through the cake trends, the biggest trend for weddings this winter is implementing foliage and berries/flowers wherever you can. Whether that be on your arbor, mixed into your centerpieces, topping your cake, or anywhere else. You can use fake berries, beautiful floral arrangements, and vines/branches to add little accents anywhere in your wedding.

·      Coffee Bars: What better way to warm up at a winter wedding than having access to a nice coffee bar? Whether the bar is self-serve, or you have someone running it, almost everyone loves coffee, and this would add the cutest little accent to any wedding.

·      Simple is Key: Many people are stepping away from the very extreme decorations and settings and taking it back to the basics. A big trend this winter is to opt for simple place settings that feature minimal decorations and colors, and just add simple foliage to make it have that little pop.

Popular Winter Wedding Cake Trends

2019/2020 winter wedding cakes are all about being simple and subtle rather than bold and over the top. While some prefer bold weddings and wedding cakes, the overall trend of 2019/2020 winter wedding tends to be leaning in the opposite direction. Below are some ideas for winter wedding cakes that you may want to consider for your big day:

·      Half-Frosted Cakes with Berry Garnishes: One variety of simple cakes that has taken the cake for trendsetting this year is simplistic and half-frosted cakes with part of the base showing through with fruit accents. The cutest little winter cake could be topped with some frozen strawberries and blueberries to give it that perfect, frosted feel.

·      White and Gold Edging: If you are leaning towards a simpler cake but still want it to pop another winter trend this year is to add gold accents such as edging or designs to your white cake to give it that little pop.

·      Rustic Cakes with Crystals: Crystals have been on the minds of many this last year, and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. This winter, a big trend that is being implemented is woodland or rustic looking cakes with berries and topped with the crystal of your choice.

·      Pinecone and Fern Accents: What better way to embrace the outdoor winter feel than frosted pinecones and ferns? You can take a simple white cake and top the layers with some ‘snow-covered’ pinecones and call it a day.

·      Nearly Naked Cakes: Along with the half-frosted trend comes the nearly naked trend. These are similar, but the nearly naked cakes have a lot more of the base peeking through. With these types of cakes, many people are adding the accents they want to make their cake stand out and fit their styles.

Best Winter Wedding Trends of 2019/2020 in Arizona

If you and your partner are planning to tie the knot this winter in the great state of Arizona, you may be in search of what the latest trends are. In Arizona, the winters are not too cold, resting at a good 50- or 60-degrees Fahrenheit with the occasional snow. This in-between makes an ideal time for a winter wedding, so it can be helpful to know what the newest and latest trends are to help you and your partner plan your big day.

            To help you on your winter wedding planning journey, we have researched and found the top and most popular winter wedding trends of this year ranging from colors, decorations, and more. We hope this helps you to plan your big day, and congratulations to you and your significant other!

Top Winter Wedding Color Combinations

            Whether you are having a Christmas wedding or a January wedding, the popular color combinations in the winter are vastly different than those that are popular during the summer months. Below are the top winter wedding colors that re expected to be seen this year:

·      Silver and Sage: Sage is all of the rage this year, and winter weddings are no exception. By mixing the subtle grey and silver tones with the earthy sage tone, you have found yourself the perfect winter wedding color combination of you don’t want to be too bold or bright.

·      Dusty Rose: Who says that winter weddings have to be reds and greens? Dusty rose is the perfect color for a winter wedding because it not only makes your wedding unique, but it brings life to the cold winter feeling. You can even combine it with deeper tones of burgundy and gold to give it a more ‘holiday’ feeling.

·      Dusty Blue: They do say that blue is the color of winter, right? So why not embrace that by using dusty blue and lighter shades of blue to represent the winter wedding feelings. This color can even be combined with grey or sage to give it a more earth feel.

·      Anything Jewel Toned: One of the top wedding color trends of 2019/2020 is jewel tones color combinations. These jewel tones can include burgundy, emerald greens, and amber. These colors make the ideal winter wedding decorations or bridesmaids dresses and set the tone for your winter wedding.

Tuxes and Dresses for 2019 Weddings

Wedding dresses are quite possibly the hardest choice for a bride to make. They want to feel beautiful, and they want to wear something that embodies who they are. Which way do they go? Do they go with the form-fitting mermaid style? Or maybe they should go with the puffy princess dress? Either way, a dress is meant to make a bride feel stunning on their special day, and these are some of the top wedding dress trends that have made their appearance known in 2019:

1.     ‘Royal’ Wedding Dresses: Surrounding all of the royal weddings, there is a craze about royal-inspired wedding dresses. From the tiaras to the opulent looks, dresses inspired by royalty are one of the top trends of the year.

2.     Wedding Jumpsuits: If you are not into the idea of the ‘typical’ and traditional wedding gown, opt for a classy jumpsuit instead. You can even wear a traditional gown to the ceremony then change into a jumpsuit for more freedom to move during your reception.

3.     Clean and Sleek: If you are not for the glitz and glam of some wedding dresses, one of the trends this year is to go for the clean, simple, and minimalist wedding dresses. With clean lines, these wedding gowns are to die for.

4.     Colored Dresses: Out with the old, in with the new. Ivory and white are the traditional wedding gown colors, but many people are feeling the desire to branch out of that with lavender, blue, and even black wedding dresses.

5.     Turtleneck: turtleneck is the new trendsetting this wedding season. With a classy appeal and a clean look, the mock turtleneck could be the accent you are looking for in the perfect wedding gown.

Top Tuxedo Trends of 2019

            While the brides choose their wedding dresses, the grooms must decide on their tuxedo. This can be a hard choice as well, with plenty of color options, cuts, and styles, the groom can be in for some trouble when trying to make a decision. Here are some of the top 2019 tuxedo trends:

1.     Standout from the Rest: Traditionally, the bride was meant to be the focal point of the wedding while the groom was meant to blend in with the rest of the bridal party. However, this year, the grooms want to make their presence known with their own standout tuxedos.

2.     Bold Colors: One way in which the groom can stand out is through their color or pattern choice. Black tuxedos are in the past, it is now time to channel your inner creativity and opt for a burgundy, blue, green, or any color you want in a tuxedo. 

3.     Velvet: Velvet is getting a lot of attention this year and for good reason. Whether you add velvet to your tuxedo though the bowtie, the shoes, or even the tux, you are bound to look sleek, classy, and fashionable.

4.     Slim-Fitting Suits: Grooms want to show off their figures too. With sleek-fitting suits, the groom can look classy while still looking dazzlingly handsome.

5.     Wedding Change: Oftentimes, the bride will feature two outfits at their wedding: one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Well, men want in on this too, so many grooms are changing between the ceremony so that they can get the shock value as well.

Best Wedding Songs of 2019

Every wedding needs the perfect playlist, especially for the first dance, but how do you find the perfect wedding song? Here are some of the top wedding song choices of 2019:

·      Speechless- Dan + Shay

·      Simple- Florida Georgia Line

·      When I Fall in Love- Michael Bublé

·      Perfect Duet- Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran

·      Shallow- Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper


            Overall, no matter what you choose, no matter what you do, your wedding is your day, so embrace it. If that means wearing a violet wedding dress and dancing to a hip-hop song, do it. If that means wearing a traditional ivory gown and slow dancing to a sappy love song, do it.

            Your wedding day is your wedding day. It is the day for you to feel important, beautiful, handsome, in love, and everything else.

            Planning a wedding can be a lot of stress, and it can take a lot of work. You have so many choices to make, and you just want to make everything perfect. Maybe you want to follow the trends and make it a very ‘2019’ wedding. Maybe you want to break the mold and make your wedding your own.

            No matter what, as long as you are happy, your significant other is happy, and you are happy with how your special day turns out, that is all that matters. Embrace your special day, make it all that you dreamt of, and most importantly, have fun and celebrate with all of your loved ones and your significant other.



Wedding Trends of 2019 (Wedding Rings)

You have a ring on your finger, a significant other who loves you, and a wedding day approaching fast. You start to panic, not knowing what you want, where to start, how to plan, or what your wedding is going to look like. This is a debacle that almost every bride and groom encounter when their big day is fast approaching, but with the proper knowledge and tools, your special day will turn out perfectly how you want it to be. It is a time for you to celebrate with all of the people you love.

Your wedding is coming up, and you have no idea what you want to do. What kind of venue do you want? Do you want a princess dress or a mermaid dress? Are the tuxes going to be blue or grey? There are so many things to figure out in what seems like so little time.

Sure, you may have been to a lot of weddings or even help set up other weddings, but there is a different feeling when it is your own. It’s not that you don’t hope that everyone’s wedding is perfect, it is just that this is going to be your day and you want everything to be exactly as you imagine it to be.           

Wedding trends rise and fall out of popularity quickly. If you are wanting to follow the trends of the wedding festivities, you have to hop on them quickly. In 2019, there have been a lot of new trends whether it be about venues, music, dresses, tuxes, food, and more. In this article, we are going to outline the top 2019 trends and ideas that you may want to include in your big day.

2019 Most Popular Engagement Rings

            Most girls dream of their ideal wedding ring, of their significant other getting on one knee with the most perfect engagement ring in hand. What ring do you envision? Is it a simple yet classy ring? Or would you prefer a ring with a lot of diamonds? Everyone is different, and everyone has a different taste in rings. Here are the top engagement rings of 2019:

·      Solitaire Setting: It is hard to go wrong with the classic solitaire ring setting. On solitaire rings, there is normally one central stone with a simple band. It is designed for those who love modern or minimalist styles.

·      Colored Stones: The idea that your stone has to be a clear diamond is out the window. Now, people get all different colored stones on their engagement rings such as sapphire, peach, red, or even emerald. If you are not a person that is into the traditional wedding ring, a colored stone gives your ring the uniqueness you love.

·      Stackable Settings: In 2019, ring-stacking has grown massively in popularity. Your ring stack starts with your engagement ring whether it is an oval, square, circle, etc., and the wedding ring is stacked along with it. This makes the perfect engagement and wedding ring pair. 

·      Clustered Settings: If you are not a fan of the minimalist, simple engagement rings, consider a clustered engagement ring as the choice for you. Clustered rings have become one of the biggest wedding ring trends of 2019 and continue to grow in popularity. No matter how you cluster your ring, it is bound to be beautiful.

·      Pear-Cut: Forget round diamonds, it’s time to consider getting a pear-shaped diamond. This shape is ‘trendier’ than the solitaire setting while still creating a perfect, stackable engagement ring. With one end rounded and the other pointed, your ring is sure to grab the attention of all those around.

·      Vintage Inspired: Vintage is not gone yet! In fact, many people still love the vintage style of engagement rings. These rings often feature a diamond encompassed in baguettes or rings that are very The Great Gatsby-Esque.

·      East-West Setting: An east-west ring is exactly what it sounds like. The stone is almost like an oval, but instead of it being up and down, it is on its side, hence the name east-west. This breaks the common trend of north-south engagement rings and sets yours apart from the rest.

·      Split Shank: If you are not drawn to the idea of having one simple band on your engagement ring, a split shank could be a good option for you. A split shank ring features the band holding the stone split into two on either side of the stone. It still allows for a very stackable ring while taking your ring a step up from minimalist.

·      Minimalist Band: If thick, detailed bands are not your style, consider getting a minimalist band. Your stone can make the perfect centerpiece of a minimalist band and bring it the beauty it deserves. 

Best DIY Wedding Ideas

You can keep your wedding budget in check by awesome DIY ideas. These will also help you to make your wedding a more memorable experience. You will be able to enjoy your wedding better, and it will be a lot of fun. Following are some of the best DIY wedding ideas that we came across,

1.     Gold-Dipped Balloons

Anything can look glamorous with liquid gold leaf. Balloons are no exception. You can add sparkle to your reception by allowing these gilded beauties to float around. The simplicity of this DIY will pleasantly surprise you.

2.     Petal Toss Bar

Try setting up a small table where the guests can collect a cone full of petals. They can toss these on the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle. The attractive station will add a pretty splash of color to your wedding and delight your guests.

3.     Nature-Inspired Napkins

Buy white, plain napkins in bulk and add your own design rather than buying fancy ones for a hefty amount. Add natural accents with embroidery thread, twigs, herbs, and pinecones for a rustic wedding. Incorporate burlap and jute rope and personalize the fabric with your initials.

4.     Celebratory Drink Flags

These happy drink flags will let your guests know that their drinks are meant to be celebratory. You can make them by simply wrapping fringed metallic tissue paper around imprinted straws.

5.     Wire-Wrapped Signs

This DIY is you if you are looking for easy, inexpensive, and quick décor. You can make this by grabbing some copper wire and bending it. These stylish signs will provide an amazing way of saving you seats all night.

6.     Glitzy Glasses

You should add sparkly sugar rims to give a snazzy feel to ordinary glasses. Pour piping gel or corn syrup in a shallow bowl. Pour large-crystal sugar in another bowl. Dip the rims of your glasses first in the bowl with corn syrup and then into the one with sugar. Give the sugar rims some time for hardening at room temperature.

7.     Silk Flower Wreath

This is ideal for the bride-to-be because you can start working on it months before the wedding day. The silk flowers will look so real that no one will be able to spot the difference. You should display these gorgeous wreaths at the reception or hang these as a ceremony backdrop.

8.     Stylish Marbled Votives

These adorable marbled votives will allow you to add light and color to your tablescape simultaneously. You should make these ahead of time in bulk by using easy and quick marbling techniques. You can use nail polish for coloring.

9.     Floral Balloon Tails

Floating florals will lend a little whimsy to your wedding day. You can make this by attaching some baby’s breath to balloon strings. You can buy confetti-filled balloons for a sparky touch.

10.  Industrial-Chic Candelabra

These are made from contact cement and copper pipe. This cool candelabra will be an amazing addition to any urban wedding. You can make a few of them and scatter them on prominent tables throughout your reception.

The Top Wedding Trends in 2019

Wedding is a beautiful ceremony where two loved ones tie the knot. For couples, it is the most memorable day of their lives. The wedding industry is constantly evolving, and couples are getting more and more creative. Today we will discuss with you some of the top wedding trends in 2019.

1.     Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Strapless wedding dresses are losing their appeal, and 2019 sees the return of simple fabrics and classic cuts. Most brides getting married this year are wearing gowns with sleeves.

Meghan Markle’s boat-necked, luminous long-sleeved wedding gown has inspired bridal designers to move towards pared-back bridal silhouette.

2.     Colored Wedding Decor

Wedding planners are moving away from white and cream. Pink, orange, and red are starting to play a dominant role in everything from bridesmaid dresses to floral arrangements.

Couples are embracing a bold aesthetic, and bright colors in their wedding décor, whereas the classic white color is being used less and less. Embracing soft shades of blue are a great alternative to classic white because using too much white can look a little clinical.

3.     Plastic-free Wedding Decorations

Sustainability is more than just a fad, and the wedding planners are adopting it. They are switching from conventional plastic to glass and plastic alternatives.

Besides glass straws and linen napkins look much chicer than the plastic variants.

While planning their big day, brides are thinking about their planet and switching to eco-friendly when possible.

This year there is a rise in eco-friendly weddings which feature organic menus, flowers that can be replanted, and minimal plastic.

4.     Super Natural Makeup on your Wedding Day

You should use minimal makeup and show off your bridal glow. The key to pulling this off is great prep. So, try to improve your skincare routine around five weeks before the wedding day.

It is important to take care of your skin every day so that you can prevent the toxins from building up. Try using an exfoliating cream for sloughing away the dead skin.

5.     Wedding Hair with Flowers

Floral headpieces are very charming, and yet they don't require much effort. Try weaving fresh flowers into waves, fastening tiny blooms into your curls, or take it up a notch by wearing a flower crown. It is a look which suits hair worn up or down. However, you need to make sure that the rest of your face is simple and fresh.

6.     Sharing Platters

Food trucks have seen their fame, and yet the wedding couples are looking for amazing ways to offer simple, delicious food.

Farm-to-fork and sharing plates concepts are both popular trends in 2019 weddings. A rise in dessert tables has been observed as well.

7.     Cheese Wedding Cakes

A multilayered iced fruit cake has been the center of weddings for a long time. But couples are now getting more creative with their wedding cake.

Cheese towers laden with jellies, charcoal crackers, and artisan bread are gaining popularity in 2019 weddings.

8.     Wedding Artists

Wedding couples are now hiring illustrators who will sketch guests, caricaturists who will sketch a creative wedding portrait, and watercolor artists who will paint a dreamy version of the wedding day. This trend of recruiting artists for uniquely documenting the wedding day is gaining popularity. 


Wedding Dresses: An ultimate guide

For a bride, the wedding dress is the most important aspect of her big day. If you are looking for a wedding dress and don't know what to do, then you are in the right place. The best wedding dress is the one which complements your body shape. Today we will tell you about all kinds of wedding dresses which will help you in choosing the right one.

1.     Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

The ball gown is the most traditional of the wedding dresses, and it provides the classic bridal look. It is the perfect pick for you if you have a straight body shape. If you have an athletic frame, then a fuller skirt will give the illusion of wider hips. A tight bodice and layers of fabric plunging in a pretty bell shape is the right choice if you are picturing a traditional fairytale wedding then this is the style for you.

2.     Boho Wedding Dresses

Bohemian style dresses which are relaxed, loose, and covered in lace are the favorite among summer weddings. These are perfect if you are looking for an effortless, free-spirited, and laidback look. Wedding designers are adopting a newfound approach to the designing, which is making casual white dresses with a bridal touch.

3.     Column Wedding Dresses

These have a soft fitting and a minimalistic look. Column wedding dresses follow a more casual approach to the bridal look, and they complement your body's natural shape. This is the right pick for petite brides who aren't interested in drowning in too many fabric layers. With a column wedding dress, your figure will look defined and yet you will feel comfortable.

4.     Fishtail Wedding Dresses

If you have a fit physique, then fit, and flare dresses are the winner for you. Fishtail wedding dresses will hang just above your knees and highlight your waist. These dresses are also known as mermaid dresses because of the dramatic, whimsical fanned skirt. You can choose from a variety of necklines for complementing your bust and frame.

5.     Embroidered Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for a strapless wedding dress or something more intimate and a little bit daring then, fortunately, illusion dresses have been shifting towards this trend. Fashion-forward illusional backs and necklines combine with sophisticated yet shear layers, fabrics, and overlays. This is where embellishments get to shine.

6.     Sheath Wedding Dresses

A sheath wedding dress falls straight to the floor below hips while skimming the body. This wedding dress style is the perfect fit for you if you are looking for an effortless gown. A sheath wedding dress is very easy to move around in, and it requires less fabric than other wedding dresses. A sheath wedding dress is quite versatile. It works well with nearly every type of fabric from lace, beading, crepe, and even satin. Sheath wedding dresses are perfect for slim figure brides who don't want to be overpowered by their gowns. There are a lot of necklines to choose from, but the v-necklines with spaghetti straps are a clear winner.

The Best Wedding Food Ideas

You don’t have to settle for basic baked beef, chicken or fish. You should put personality into your wedding menu with these crazy-delicious and super-cool ideas. Your guests will surely love the culinary delight and would talk about your wedding for a long time.

1.     Miniature Bites

Try imagining your favorite foods shrunk down to mini versions which are easy to eat. Consider bite-size fresh spring rolls, soup shooters, strawberry shortcake, lobster rolls, and even ice-cream cones. Your guests will love how good they taste and how cute they are. 

2.     Craft Creations

You should give your guests a farm-to-table, gourmet experience with carefully crafted, yummy foods, and drinks. Serve up some locally made or home-brewed beer, display locally grown vegetables on a wooden plank, delicious home-made chutneys, and pickles. You can also make locally sourced vegetables and meats the stars of dinner.

3.     Edible Escort Cards

Labeled fresh fruit or milk and cookies in personalized shot glasses can help your guests in finding their seats. It will make for a delicious pre-dinner or post-dinner treat.

4.     Anything on a Stick

From spicy chicken satay skewers and Caprese salad to prosciutto-wrapped melon, anything on a stick will be a winner. The reason being that the guests won’t have to hold a napkin and plate to eat them. During cocktail hour, this will make it easier to hold a conversation.

5.     Curated Food and Drink Pairings

Wine pairings are always nice, but professional caterers are now pairing drinks of petite proportions with miniature passed appetizers. Imagine mini-margaritas with tiny lobster tacos, mini-mugs of locally brewed beer paired with bite-size pastrami sandwiches, or even crackers and caviar with shots of vodka.

6.     Delicious Doughnuts

Just like cake and pies, people usually can't take a pass on delicious doughnuts. Consider serving retro classics like jelly and cream-filled varieties. You should also add new varieties like almond, coconut-lime, and white chocolate doughnuts. If you want to give a sophisticated twist then consider serving classic plain doughnuts with dark velvety chocolate in elegant vintage glasses. You can even decide to replace your wedding cake by stacking up pastries into a tower to slice.

7.     Classy Carnival Fare

These include anything that you may find at a carnival. For instance, crackerjack, cotton candy, and caramel apples. You must dress them up with festive display (lots of stripes with bright colors). You can complete the carnival theme by adding a funnel cake cart for hot, fresh pastries and a popcorn bar for late-night snacking.

8.     Dressed-Up Comfort Food

For years, comfort food has been popular at weddings. But it is all about presentation now. Try yellow chilled heirloom tomato soup in a shot glass, French fries wrapped in a paper, veggies, and dip in baguette cups, with warm cheddar and bacon panini.

9.     Cheese-Wheel Cakes

A traditional wedding cake may not be replaced by a cake made from wheels of cheese. But it will be perfect for a pre-reception cocktail hour focused on cheese and wine. Each layer of this cake will be different. For example, smoky gouda, goat cheese, and sharp cheddar with a garnish of fresh herbs.